About Us

Welcome to Armlee Nurseries

Armlee Nurseries was established in 1998 and has quickly gaining a reputation for the quality of the products we offer to our many customers

Based in Leyland, Lancashire, we provide a service supplying a wide range of alpines, rockery plants, perennials, lavenders, grasses and our spring bulb collection to garden centres, nurseries, landscapers and local authorities.

Our business has grown rapidly and to accommodate this growth we relocated to our purposely-designed and built site in Leyland.

Our extensive ranges are individually labelled with out own unique bespoke designed large colour labels for full impact at point of sale fully barcoded pots and are supplied in marketing trays of eight.

Armlee Nurseries are confident that the quality of our products is second to none, this together with our competitive pricing we aim to provide complete customer satisfaction with an efficient delivery service throughout the season, which results in a constantly changing selection of varieties and high volumes sales.

Weekly deliveries are based on our full availability of stock presented to the garden centre via a fax or email which is sent out on a Sunday afternoon. Order are then returned as soon as possible in order for us to process and make up the orders for the quickest delivery possible. We do ask however that all orders are returned no later than 17:00pm on the Monday

We also have system in place where you, as the customer, tell us the varieties you do not want and the quantity you do want, we will then hand pick an order selecting the best flowering plants,fastest selling lines and new varieties of the week in order to help achieve maximum sales, this system is currently used by many of our customers to great effect.

Deliveries can be arranged so that garden centres can pre-order stock of particular varieties during busy time of the year.

We also provide a promotional scheme which gives customers the opportunity to pre-order a selection of our key promotional lines in bulk quantities.

If there are any queries or any questions you may have please do not hesitate to call.